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Alexander Movie Costumes and Props. Buy Alexander Movie Costumes and Wardrobe. Backlot Props.



Backlot Props and Costumes offers authentic collectible movie costumes and props from the film Alexander. These items are available for rent or purchase. Our original movie merchandise comes directly from Hollywood movie studios. We offer various wardrobe ensembles, props, and set decorations from the feature film Alexander.

Backlot Props offers original costumes and props that you can't find anywhere else. Some costumes have been intentionally distressed in varying degrees to show progression of the costume though out the epic film Alexander. Some of our items from the movie Alexander are one of a kind, so once an item is sold it is gone forever. If you are looking for authentic movie wardrobe, set decor, and props for the movie Alexander then Backlot Props and Costumes has the item you’re looking for.

You can also go to our Ebay Store to purchase authentic collectible movie costumes and props from the movie Alexander. Don’t forget to visit our online store to view wardrobe and props from other productions. In addition to costumes and props from Alexander, we also sell costumes and props from many other Hollywood movies and television shows. Visit our website index to see titles of the other productions from the film and movie business. 

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